How We Help Buyers

We believe information is power. For home buyers, especially.

The extensive detail and many tools here at South Bay Confidential are meant to empower buyers who are considering living in the South Bay. We love to work with informed clients!

Here's what we'll do for and with you:

  • We will interview you online and in person to learn your priorities – home size, schools, family, price range, etc.;
  • We'll introduce you to neighborhoods and pockets of the area that you may not know;
  • We'll give you comparable sales from recent months that might have met your criteria – a good way of gauging what might come up again in the future;
  • We'll advise you on what to expect, how the process works, etc., if you're new to it;
  • We'll be your "eyes and ears," watching out for new listings meeting your criteria – we often get word of properties before they hit the market and will give you first notice;
  • We might find you a property off-market – no promises, but we have been successful with this in recent years;
  • We'll give you our unvarnished opinion of listings as they come out and as we tour them;
  • We'll snap photos of new listings, and even make video walkthrough tours for you, when appropriate, to help you feel out a home before coming to tour it;
  • We'll provide links to good mortgage professionals if you need them; and
  • When the time for an offer comes, we'll tell you what we think a property is really worth and help you develop the strongest, fairest offer to help you succeed; this is no small feat in the competitive environment of recent months and years.

Your agent's job is not over with the offer. Not at all.

When your offer is accepted, we'll help steer you through the inspections process and bring in experts and contractors that you may need. And all kinds of things can come up for which you need a calm, seasoned professional to help manage or fix, to keep the deal together.

The end goal is often the same: The right home at the right price. It's personally satisfying to help clients reach that point.

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