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We've narrowed down the best places for happy hour here in the South Bay! All of these spots are great places to eat, have some fun and enjoy a couple of drinks.

While the South Bay is home to some of the priciest real estate markets in SoCal, the area still has so much to offer beach residents who want to have a good time for less. Grab a stool and settle in for this list of awesome happy hours in the South Bay.

Redondo Beach

Hudson House 

514 N. Pacific Coast Hwy | Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Happiest Hours: Anytime on Friday

Happy Hour: Mon.-Fri. until 7pm; Weekends until 5pm (beverage only)

Top Chef alum, Brooke Williamson and her husband, Chef Nick Roberts, own this gastropub for the after-work crowd or anyone looking to take…

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One weekend each year, South Bay residents have a chance to see vintage World War II airplanes up close.

A lucky few can even go up for a flight in the old bombers!

It's the annual "Wings of Freedom" tour sponsored by the Collings Foundation. This weekend, the tour has stopped by Zamperini Field, the general-aviation airport in Torrance, as it does each year.

If you're outdoors and hear the unfamiliar buzz of a twin-engine B-25 "Mitchell" bomber overhead, don't worry: You're not stuck in a time warp. It's just a rare chance to see one of these workhorse warplanes in action.

Dropping in on the "Wings of Freedom" exhibit is easy – there are 4 planes on display this weekend, and you can simply walk by, and through, the planes at your own…

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Imagine a walk through a beautiful garden where you round a corner and come face-to-face with...a bison? Not a real one, of course, but one entirely constructed from 45,143 Lego bricks. If that sounds like something your family would enjoy, bring them down to the South Coast Botanic Garden, which is now hosting a family-friendly exhibit of fun, flowers and fauna known as Nature Connects. This interactive art installation entirely constructed from nearly half a million toy bricks brings 27 nature-themed sculptures to the garden, along with multiple hands-on activities.

“We are the first botanic garden in Southern California to offer this one-of-a-kind and engaging artistic vision, representing a whole new way to experience nature through art," said…

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Thar she blows! As thousands of gray whales make their way from north of Alaska down to warmer waters in Baja California, Mexico (and back), the South Bay is a perfect location to watch these enormous and beautiful creatures.

Pacific gray whales spend their summers in the Arctic regions, filling up on food and gaining a critical layer of blubber. When it gets colder in December and January, they head down south on a 5,000-mile migration - one of the longest migrations of any creature - to spend time in the warm Mexican lagoons nurturing their young. By March and April, they are ready to head back north. All along their journey, they stay close to the continental shelf, which makes it easy for South Bay whale-watchers to catch a glimpse of these…

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