January 2016

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With 2015 now in the record books, it's time to take a look at the biggest sales of the year.

We'll start out with a look at Redondo Beach, and move on to other areas in future posts.

Overall Highest Sale in Redondo Beach for 2015

709 Esplanade (5br/8ba, 9200 sqft.) (pictured above) had a very, very long run on the market.

This 1990 original in a Spanish style was first offered for sale in February 2012 at $10.000M.

It took 5 separate MLS listings and more than $3.6 million in price cuts to get the job done.

The sold price: $6.350M in March 2015.

We offered a few more photos and insights on this "highly custom home" in our blog post in March: "In 3rd Year, Esplanade Home Sells."

Runner-Up for 2015

Nearby, 605 Esplanade took

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A Los Angeles Times analysis of single-family home sales ranks Hermosa Beach among the "hottest ZIP codes" in all of the Los Angeles area.

The Times analysis states that the median price for Hermosa jumped 30.9% year-over-year for single-family residences, with 7% more sales than the year before. The median price per square foot (PPSF) was up a similar 28.6%. According to the Times' story:

"Strong demand, tight inventory, good schools and a view of the Pacific made Hermosa Beach a real estate standout in 2015. The small South Bay town also has something else going for it: It's not Manhattan Beach."

"Wealthy families priced out of increasingly ritzy Manhattan Beach — with its median price of $2.1 million — are looking to the next town over."

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Thar she blows! As thousands of gray whales make their way from north of Alaska down to warmer waters in Baja California, Mexico (and back), the South Bay is a perfect location to watch these enormous and beautiful creatures.

Pacific gray whales spend their summers in the Arctic regions, filling up on food and gaining a critical layer of blubber. When it gets colder in December and January, they head down south on a 5,000-mile migration - one of the longest migrations of any creature - to spend time in the warm Mexican lagoons nurturing their young. By March and April, they are ready to head back north. All along their journey, they stay close to the continental shelf, which makes it easy for South Bay whale-watchers to catch a glimpse of these…

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We are proud to announce a new feature here at South Bay Confidential: Open House listings.

On mobile devices or on desktop/laptop computers, you'll get the same, great up-to-date display of all the open houses for each weekend.

We've also set up the display of open houses to be BY AREA within a given city. For instance, in the image here, we've separated the Golden Hills area of Redondo Beach – a submarket within North Redondo – and we display open houses there together.

You will find the same for each of our major coverage areas: Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach and the Palos Verdes Area.

The newest listings show up first. Open house times show right there with the basic listing info.

From the desktop version of the site,…

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