November 2015

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Home buyers are beginning to have close encounters with a new force trying to slow them down.

It's called TRID, and if you haven't experienced it yet, consider yourself lucky.

Those you have lived with TRID now know. It's a bit like sleeping with a big, smelly bear. It may be a beautiful creature, but the damn thing just won't move.

Come again, you say?

TRID is a set of new mortgage regulations. The acronym TRID is short for "TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule." (Not that you're expected to remember that.)

More disclosures, more transparency. Not bad, right?

Nowadays, it is TRID, and the fear of TRID, that has mortgage lenders slowing drastically in heir tracks, doing everything twice, and twice as slow. (Or worse.)

This past…

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It's not your average daily jog. The series of running races held each November in Palos Verdes includes a gorgeous morning sunrise and views of ocean, hills and cliffs throughout each run.

The signature event is the Palos Verdes Half Marathon, but the 10K and 5K races run at the same time are popular and challenging in their own rights, also. Each is part of the Lexus LaceUp running series, a set of four Southern California races.

Runners come mainly from Southern California, getting themselves up to The Hill before dawn and making their way to the starting area at one edge of the gorgeous Terranea Resort. Excitement builds as the sun's glow brightens before the 7:00am start, and then, runners are off.

The course is moderately challenging,…

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Could we really be on the verge of getting rid of the monstrous AES power plant dominating the Redondo Beach skyline by the marina?

If and when the change comes, it could be a boon to real estate in both Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach.

There have been promises before, and hopes have been dashed. But something new is in the air now.

The global firm that owns the power plant, AES, agreed last week with the city of Redondo Beach to stop trying to get a new permit to build a new power plant on the site.

The goal is to let a task force take over discussions of how the Redondo Beach land should be utilized, while AES tries to find a third-party developer for the site. Maybe a buyer.

News reports called AES's agreement with the city a "truce"…

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Looking for a great read? In the South Bay, a good book is never too far away, with a growing number of Little Free Libraries sprouting up around the area. 

The Little Free Library is an open book collection that operates under a "take a book, leave a book" policy, with a goal of encouraging community literacy. These independently run mini-libraries are displayed on distinctive little stands in front of homes and in public spaces. As they take root in their respective neighborhoods, the Little Free Libraries often become popular gathering spots where books are exchanged and conversations are sparked.

"It's a very community oriented thing to do," says Kathleen Terry, who has a Little Free Library outside of her Manhattan Beach Tree Section home. 


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