October 2015

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Halloween is upon us, but a light scare from ghosts and goblins won't bother most home sellers.

What's getting scary is that the season for real estate buying and selling is almost coming to an end.

From some time in mid-November, until a few weeks into the New Year each year, the South Bay real estate market typically slows down quite a bit. People simply focus on family and the holidays, not finding homes.

Fearing that slowdown, some sellers are cutting prices now. Better to get buyers' attention now rather than wait for next year.

You can see who's cutting now very quickly on any of our South Bay real estate "Dashboards," a custom feature here at South Bay Confidential. (Just pull down "NOW" at the top of the page to see the Dashboard…

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Lacrosse...at the beach? Not only is it a possibility, it's becoming a more frequent sight, thanks to the efforts of the South Bay Lacrosse Club (SBLC) to grow the sport throughout the South Bay.

Lacrosse, a sport that dates back to Native American Iroquois tribes, has been popular for years on the East Coast but has recently started garnering more attention on the West Coast.

beachlac"It's growing very fast," said SBLC Program Director Ian Mills, who noted that from 2009-2014 nationwide, lacrosse participation in high schools grew 27.8% and 31.2% for boys and girls programs respectively, with no other sport cracking a 10% growth rate.

Lacrosse is a high-speed sport played with sticks that have netted pouches used for hurling and catching a small round ball.…

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Buyers are always more interested in something that's "new."

That's why sellers sometimes have their real estate listings start all over again, as if they're new. 

Several months have gone by? No offers? Price cuts didn't work?

Go reboot with a new listing number and refresh the "days on market" count.

If you're looking in the Palos Verdes area, here are just a few listings that might look "new" but really aren't:

1504-via-marg1504 Via Margarita (6br/7ba, 5300 sqft.) (pictured here) launched in July 2014 at $3.699M, dropping $200K gradually by January 2015.

A new agent took over in April this year, running the listing at a price as low as $3.299M until Sept. 29, when the "old" listing canceled and a brand new one began the same day with the same…

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