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Lots of people track home values on Zillow, but how accurate are the popular website's "Zestimates?"

We've begun a few tests of those estimates looking at homes in South Bay real estate markets.

Our first test took a snapshot of the newest MLS listings for sale in Hermosa Beach. (See "We Test Zillow: Hermosa Beach.") We looked at the starting for-sale price and Zillow's estimate of the home's value at the same time. Later, we'll check to see how Zillow's estimates performed.

Next up: Redondo Beach.

We'll start our tracking with several recent listings (as of July 29). We'll watch them over the next few months and see where the sale prices end up, as opposed to Zillow's estimated home values.

Redondo Beach Homes for Sale

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Ever wonder what's biting at the Redondo Beach Pier? Whether you're a beginner or an expert, fishing from the Redondo Beach Pier is easy - and it's can be a low-cost way to have fun with the family for a few hours.

For starters, fishing is free from the Redondo Beach Pier. You do not need a license or permit to fish from the pier; however, you must fish in the designated areas. Look for the signs in the southwestern section of the pier.

PoleRentalIf you don't have your own rod, you can rent fishing rods and purchase bait at the Redondo Coffee & Bait Shop (141 Fisherman's Wharf, (310) 318-1044) right next to the fishing area.

Renting a fishing rod costs $9 for the day, and containers of bait (mussels, shrimp, anchovies, squid, etc.) start at $4.50.…

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Strolling on Pier Avenue near the landmark coffee house Java Man in Hermosa Beach, you might not realize the history that awaits you just around the corner on Manhattan Avenue.

In fact, when you turn the corner all you really see is a nondescript building, a block of concrete.

But true to the artistry and eclecticism that are hallmarks of Hermosa Beach, a restaurant with an on-site brewery fits right in. Enter Abigaile, and you enter the world of Chef Tin Vuong and his cohorts. It's a remarkable world of cuisine, paired with in-house brewed beer that speaks to the space's past and present.

BeerDinnerFlyerOn Wednesday, July 29, from 7-10 p.m., Abigaile steps beyond its already infamously wacky world to present a five-course beer dinner that includes a…

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Have you ever tracked your own home's value on Zillow?

The website's "Zestimates" are a popular feature for homeowners and home buyers. But how accurate are they?

We're going to put Zillow to the test by watching how accurate "Zestimates" are in a few South Bay real estate markets.

First up: Hermosa Beach.

We'll start today (July 21) with a snapshot of several recent listings, along with their current "Zestimates." We'll track them over the next few months and see where the sale prices end up, as opposed to Zillow's estimated home values.

Hermosa Beach Homes for Sale

123 34th Street 5/3 2380 2554 $2,900,000     $2,611,969
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