February 2014

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As soon as you arrive at Terranea Resort, you’ll have a sense of everything being on a large scale – massive ocean views, spacious rooms, towering cliffs. But some of the real beauty of Terranea is in the smallest details.

Intrigued? Step through the doorway and start looking closely at Terranea, piece by piece.

Here is the lower entrance to one of the Spanish-style casitas: Painted tiles line the walk ways and stair wells.

terranea doorway

Starting with the lobby and moving throughout the resort, there are countless tiles and earthy designs that evoke a Mediterranean feel:

terranea patterns

And even if it’s overcast and in the mid-60’s (that’s winter weather in Southern California) there are still plenty of flowers in bloom.

terranea winter blooms

If you’re bold enough to go down to the…

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terranea modelEvery room at Terranea is amazing, so  you really can't go wrong.

But if you want a step up from the traditional hotel room, or if you need a little more space, the well-appointed ocean front casitas at Terranea are the perfect vacation rentals for a getaway weekend or longer. 

Looking at the architectural model of the resort, the casitas are the small red-roofed structures that flank both sides of the main resort building.

On the model of a casita, you can see how it is comprised of three parts.

If you want a one-bedroom, you rent the center portion (outlined in blue) that comes with a king-sized bed in the bedroom, plus a separate living room, kitchen, laundry nook, and dining patio.

The kitchen is fully equipped with a refrigerator,…

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