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I still get a little giggle each time I review a new home listing online, or on a flier, and see the data field labeled, "Horse Property." 

The answer has been "no" about 95,000 times now. Often the question seems absurd. Horses? By the beach? In the city? 

 I'll grant you, here in the South Bay you will find a smattering of "horse properties" up on The Hill. That's great for the equestrian set, but the rest of us are expecting that our homes will be on fairly modest parcels of land. If you have space for a vegetable garden, you're lucky. If you can throw a baseball to a teenager in your yard, you're upper-echelon. 

Lot size is relative. Let's see what you can do with more-than-the-average space in a few parts of the South Bay. 

A half acre on

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Back in early February, I provided a snapshot of current inventory of single-family homes in several South Bay markets. The goal was to establish a baseline for watching the dance between supply and demand as it unfolds through the rest of the year. 

So here's our first check-in, comparing inventory just after baseball's Opening Day versus a few days after the Super Bowl. 

In four of the five markets, we see the expected inventory increases. The tiniest market, Hermosa Beach, had the greatest percentage increase (29 percent), but that just means 12 more listings than the 42 seen several weeks ago. 

The least-pricey market, Torrance, actually has fewer homes on sale now than it did seven weeks ago. This qualifies as a pretty serious surprise. Let's…

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