July 2010

Found 4 blog entries for July 2010.

We discuss 4 separate homes for sale on the Manhattan Beach Strand. Here are links to those active listings:

1600 The Strand, now at $13.5 million. (The Breeze features a nice photo – see the print or "layout" version.)

3516 The Strand (pictured) newly down to $9.850m (from $14m last year).

2920 The Strand, marking about a year on market, now at $11.750m.

1804 The Strand, the newest entry of the bunch, 30 days on market, start price of $11.9m.


 In the Market for Luxury and Grace?

It's summer, and that means everyone wants to be at the beach. If you lived on The Strand in Manhattan Beach, you'd already be there. Prestige homes on Manhattan Beach's Strand are the priciest in town, and some of the most expensive in the whole South Bay.…

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Pricing your home to sell is not easy, in part because you don’t really know what the market will bear.

I’ve been counseling some friends who are preparing to sell, but their house is unique in their neighborhood and thereby very hard to compare to anything nearby.

They deferred to the judgment of their real estate agent. In their meeting, he suggested a start price which, in his opinion, was very close to its likely market value.

My friends agreed, but shortly thereafter they were asking me:

  • It seems low, what if we could get more?
  • Shouldn’t we price it higher and come down only if we need to?
  • If we get a lot of interest, won’t that just mean we under-priced it and left money on the table?
My personal advice was this: Look at the calendar.…
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The story today concerns the Silver Spur Court condo project, which flopped and heads to auction this Sunday. (This photo is from one of the units with 2-story high ceilings and a frontage on Silver Spur; they say this unit could be mixed commercial/residential, but I don't quite see it.)

For more information and a brochure, see: www.silverspurcourtauction.com

 Note that this Rolling Hills Estates condo auction is wrapped up with another auction in Pasadena in the promotional materials – confusing at times.

Condos! Condos!

Come and get your cheap condos!

That’s roughly the pitch for 18 newly built units in Rolling Hills Estates headed for auction tomorrow. The Silver Spur Court condo project flopped when it was brought to market a couple of…

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The home discussed this week is 815 Pearl in S. Redondo (click highlighted address for more pics & details via Redfin).

It's a flip, but a professional flip – not like one of those quickie jobs you used to see on cable TV.

It blew me away to see one of those home-flipping remodeling shows on a friend’s TV the other day.

What, they’re still making these shows? Three or four years after the
housing bubble burst?

The last time I had seen a “reality show” featuring a home flipper was over a year ago, and even by then the genre had changed noticeably from the go-go days when amateurs would remodel homes and garner big profits.

The person featured in the show I saw was a first-time flipper, a clueless woman with ridiculous remodeling plans, delusional expectations…
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